SEVILLE, Florida — A woman who escaped from a deputy car and was on the run for two days is back in custody Tuesday morning.

  • Amie Tyson was on the run for two days after escaping from patrol car
  • Tyson was found in grandmother's home
  • Tyson is facing multiple charges

Amie Tyson, 41, had already been placed in handcuffs on Saturday night after she was arrested in Seville on warrants for multiple burglaries in Volusia and Putnam counties when she somehow found a way to run from the vehicle, according to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

However, she was found in her grandmother's Sanford home by the Sanford Police Department on Monday night.

Police took Tyler into custody after she had been on the run for two days.

Tyson is facing charges in two counties right now.

In total, she is being held on eight charges, most of them stemming from out-of-county warrants related to burglary.

Her bond on the escape charge is $11,000.

She is also being held on $16,000 for the burglaries she is accused of.

Thomas Walton, 50, was also arrested along with Tyson on Saturday and was taken to the Volusia County Branch Jail without incident, deputies stated.