VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. -- Young sea turtles have been washing ashore in Volusia County.

  • Sea turtles being cared for at Marine Science Center
  • Turtles have been washing ashore in Volusia County
  • Experts say the turtles are often lethargic, dehydrated

Offshore storms during hurricane season has washed a lot of seaweed ashore, along with the turtles, according to Allie Bernstein, assistant manager of Turtle Rehab at the Marine Science Center.

"They are really lethargic," Bernstein said. "They have been battling that surf for some time and are often dehydrated."

The rescued sea turtles are taken to Turtle Rehab where they are given fluids and food. The facility is currently rehabilitating four sea turtles that are only a few weeks old.

The turtles will stay there for a few weeks before they are released back into the ocean.

"We try to get them out there as quick as possible," Bernstein said.

This year more than a dozen turtles also known as “Washback Turtles” have been rescued.

Bernstein said they continue to be on the lookout for the turtles and try to keep them safe.