Gun violence is rampant in parts of Pine Hills in Orange County and that is why a new program called Operation Ceasefire is kicking off on Tuesday.

  • Operation Ceasefire helps people get job
  • Police officers will teach consequences of violence

The goal is to target a small portion of young people who are most at risk for gun violence.

Social service workers will help those people get a job, while police officers will remind them of the consequences of violence.

The Operation Ceasefire kicks off with a community walk in Pine Hills that will start at the Experience Christian Center on Indian Hill Road and it will end at Meadowbrook Middle School.

Local law enforcement, clergy and community leaders will participate in Tuesday's walk. They will help the Central Florida Urban League launch the project.

Glenton Gilzean, Central Florida Urban League CEO, says he got the idea from other cities that have implemented the program.

In the end, he hopes it will reduce gun violence by 30 percent.

"All of us are coming together to say you know what enough is enough we are going to work together to rid out the few that is giving us a bad name," says Gilzean.

Operation Ceasefire is a community-based initiative and will not be facilitated by law enforcement.

The walk Tuesday kicks off here at 3 p.m.