Businesses are opening up their doors on the beach side area of Daytona Beach.

  • On Thursday, two new restaurants held their grand openings.
  • Cocina 214, Landshark Bar and Grill hold ribbon cuttings
  • Restaurant owners feel they can withstand future storms

The business owners said they're hoping to bring an economic boost into the community.

"Uno, dos, tres," was heard as Cocina 214's team cut its ribbon.

This was followed by "You ready, Landshark Bar and Grill? 1,2,3," as the restaurant's team cut the ribbon there.

The two restaurants now sit next to each other on beachfront properties in Daytona Beach.

Dozens of community members and leaders gathered to celebrate the opening of both businesses.

"Six months ago there was zero infrastructure, no power, no storm sewer, no internet. There was nothing," said Lambrine Macejewski, owner of Cocina 214.

Now each restaurant is open for business, and to Lambrine Macejewski, this means economic opportunity for the community.

"With two people anchoring the names that we have here, it's going to bring more businesses," Macejewski said. "They're going to want to do business here. It's really exponential. Other people are not going to be afraid to invest their money."

The businesses said this is also an investment in local careers.

"We ended up hiring 150 employees, so having 150 employees and along with Cocina next door who actually hired a good amount like we did, it's brought a lot of jobs in this town," said Rich Torella, Landshark Bar and Grill.

The business owners said they know being on the ocean comes with some challenges. After both hurricanes Matthew and Irma, some beach-side businesses have been forced to close because of damage.

However, the new restaurants plan to succeed despite future storms.

"We feel like we're protected. We have what we need and people weather the storm, right? It's just part of where we live and part of what we do. We'll get through it," said Macejewski.

"This town is unbelievable," Torella said. "They've went through a lot with the hurricanes, and now with these two venues opening up. People (are) just so excited to have a place to come and eat."

Customers said this is something that could revitalize the community.

"It's something they want and somewhere we want to be, so it's perfect," said Macejewski.