After three attacks on the University of Central Florida campus, many women have signed up with for a self-defense class with UCF Police.

On Wednesday night for two hours, women of all ages learned about being aware, confidence, and how to react if they were put into a dangerous situation.

"We want our female students, faculty, and staff, and other members of the community to feel safe, so we want to offer a safe class so it gives them some tools for their tool box," said UCF police officer Frank Imparato.

Paiton Lackey and her roommate decided to take the class after learning about the multiple attacks on campus.

"It was a little shocking, but I mean, in this society it is like what can you do? You can only learn to defend yourself and help other women and stuff like that, it was a bit shocking though," said Lackey.

The class is taught by two certified UCF police officers and they show women a variety of situations they could face in real life.

"As to a warning stance, what to do if someone approaches you and you don't feel comfortable, how to tell them to get back, get away. If they have to go hands on, a palm strike, what happens if they grab from the front or behind, in a bear hug. Things like that we are going to cover," said Imparato.

Lackey is glad to be learning self-defense, but also hopes the person or persons behind the attacks is caught too.

"They said that it might be connected, so I hope that they find whoever is doing this, because like anytime that something like this happens. You don’t want to happening to you or people you know," said Lackey.