A book has been taken out of a Marion County middle school after parents say the book contains pornographic language.

Editor's Note: We do want​ to warn you, because of the nature of the content, there may be portions of this story that are disturbing to some, but are important to provide context to the issue. ​

  • Book pulled from Marion County middle school
  • Parents say the book contains pornographic language
  • The book has been pulled from other school districts

The principal at Ft. King Middle School in Ocala pulled a book Tuesday titled, "The Facts Speak for Themselves," after finding out it had been pulled in other school districts.

Deny and Don Hylland say their 14-year-old daughter came home with the book this week and told them she didn't think it was appropriate.

"I said why? And she said it has a lot of words in it like the p-word and the d-word and I was like what? So I picked up the book and I looked at it and it's totally inappropriate," said Deny Hylland. 

Deny Hyand says she read the book and says she found sentences like, "He said I could see his expletive now if I wanted."

"It's basically something you would read in a porno magazine it's not something that should be in a school," said Don Hylland. 

Marion County Public School officials say it may have been purchased years ago.

"That book could have been there for 10 years and 10 years ago the personnel, the administration found no fault with that book that's why it was on the shelf," said Kevin Christian with Marion County Public Schools.  

School officials say there's a board policy in place so that parents can object to books or materials.

"What may offend you may not offend me and vice versa so I think if we take every book off the shelf that offends somebody, we wouldn't have a lot of books there," said Christian.

The Hyllands have written a letter to the Department of Education.

Marion County School officials say at least two other schools within the district have the same book, but say it's not appropriate at the elementary school level.

As for the middle school, it was the principal's call to remove it.