SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. — On Tuesday, Seminole County leaders are expected to pass a new law that would crack down on aggressive dogs.

  • Ordinance drafted to address 'aggressive' dogs
  • More serious dog attacks fall under 'dangerous' dog law
  • Seminole dog owners express mixed reactions
  • LINK: Read the ordinance here

County leaders drafted the ordinance after a dog was attacked and killed by two other dogs in late 2017.

The new law would require all dogs to be on a leash while in public areas, and it would give the county the ability to label dogs as “aggressive” if they chase or cause any unprovoked attack on another domestic animal or a person.

More serious dog attacks already fall under a Florida “dangerous dog” law.

Spectrum News talked to dog owners who had mixed reactions to the county’s measure.

One dog owner said she liked it, but worried her dog, which she says is normally well-behaved, might be labeled aggressive if it reacted aggressively to another dog who threatened it.

Kaya Ozkur says he’s encountered several aggressive dogs in Seminole County since he moved to the area a few years ago.  He says he won’t take his two dogs to certain areas because he’s afraid they’ll be attacked.

“With my small dog, some sort of attack -- even a small bite -- could cause big issues just because of her sheer size,” Ozkur said.

The Seminole County Board of County Commissioners will hold a public hearing on the measure Tuesday.

If they pass the ordinance, the new law would prohibit owners of any dogs labeled as aggressive to bring them to any public park or dog-friendly business within the county.