ORLANDO, Fla. -- A Florida man who detectives say installs security systems and cameras for a living is facing charges after a woman found hidden cameras in several rooms of her home.

  • Security-system installer James West charged with video voyeurism
  • Deputies say he hid cameras in bedrooms, bathroom of woman's home
  • Anyone who had contact with him with concerns should call Sheriff's Office

James Ronald West, 49 of Longwood, Florida faces three counts of video voyeurism.

The investigation began Aug. 8, when a woman reported that two tiny cameras were found in two bedrooms of the home she shares with two adult children. Both devices were in bedrooms, facing the bed.

She told deputies she showed one to West -- who had previously lived there but had returned to help with some repairs -- but he told her he "wasn't sure" what the device was. 

The cameras, which were taken into evidence, recorded video and audio, had power supplies as well as storage cards, investigators said.

Several weeks later, on Sept. 10, the woman called the Sheriff's Office again to say she'd found another camera, this time in the hall bathroom. Investigators said there was a pinhole cut out of the bathroom's mirrored light fixture, and the camera was similar to the others found in the bedrooms, they said. That storage card contained hundreds of clips, some of which captured the woman or her adult children showering, deputies said.

A few days later, the Sheriff's Office's forensics department said they'd recovered videos on the other two storage cards. One that had been deleted showed a man matching West's description setting up a camera in one of the bedrooms, using his cell phone to set the lens, investigators said.

Detectives also said they'd subpoenaed Amazon purchase records, which showed an account associated with West buying a spy camera with microSD card.

When confronted, detectives said West denied buying or installing any cameras.

The Sheriff's Office says if you've had contact with West and have concerns or questions, you should contact the agency at 407-665-6650.