ORLANDO, Fla. — The 2018 rainy season started early and wetter than average.

September is one of the wettest of months of the year, but we are halfway through and some areas are experiencing one of their drier Septembers on record.

September is climatologically the wettest month for Daytona Beach. It is the second wettest month for Melbourne and the fourth wettest for Orlando.

Here’s a look at how everything is playing out through Sept. 18:

Daytona Beach is 3.25 inches below average. The normal rainfall through mid-September is 4.12 inches. The total average rain for the month is 6.96 inches.

It is the 10th driest September on record through the middle of the month in Daytona Beach.

Melbourne is 2.79 inches drier than average. Typically, Melbourne picks up 4.31 inches through early to mid-September. The total average rain is 7.64 inches.

It is the ninth driest so far in Melbourne.

Orlando has picked up 1.52 inches of rain this month. This is still 2.08 inches drier than average. This makes it the 17th driest on record through mid-September for the City Beautiful.

The climatological start of dry season is Oct. 15 for both Daytona Beach and Orlando. It is Oct. 17 for Melbourne.