DELAND, Fla. -- What do you get when a sinkhole opens up on a college campus? A teachable moment.

  • Sinkhole opened up at Stetson University
  •  Hole is 25 feet by 18 feet wide, 8 to 10 feet deep
  • Officials will monitor the hole over the next 48 hours

A sinkhole opened up Monday on the Stetson University campus in an empty field. 

The school roped off the 25-feet-by-18-feet wide hole and is monitoring it for right now, but it's not near any property and not a danger to students or staff.

But for one class it was provided a valuable lesson. Stetson says Adjunct Prof. David Griffis took his environmental science and society class out to the sinkhole for a lesson, giving the students some practical knowledge. 

 Stetson says the hole is about 8 to 10 feet deep. Should it stabilize in the next 48 hours, they will see if it can be filled.