OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. — Anaya Dailey, a second grader who’s only 7-years-old, couldn’t help but notice that the shoes of some of her peers in her class were worn out.

So she talked to her parents about buying them new shoes.

  • Anaya's Shoebox collects shoes for those in need
  • Anaya has collected more than 300 so far
  • Want to donate? Check out Anaya’s website

“It was nice to give him some shoes, (because) those are the only shoes he has. But they’re broken,” she explained.

This is the case of many students in Osceola County who fall on the poverty line.

Anaya's mother gave her the idea to start a small shoe drive for her class that has now grown into something much bigger.

“We want to bless people, and we’re hoping we can spread it to other states and communities, and areas,” Marlene said. “Even if we can help those in the shelters as well.”

Marlene said Anaya has learned many valuable lessons in school but that this type of community work has taught her a lifetime lesson.

“Be kind to others, help someone in need, anytime they need it,” Marlene said. “Also generosity and a way of giving back.”

Anaya is partnering with her school Narcoossee Elementary and with local churches to find those who are most in need.

Anaya has already collected more than 300 pairs of shoes but she’s still counting.

“Give more of them away,” she added.

For more information on how you can be a part of Anaya’s shoebox, check out her website.