ORLANDO, Fla. — A crane fell in Orlando, slicing through the roof of a home in the Baldwin Park area.

  • House was being worked on by crews
  • Crane was removed Tuesday evening
  • Building inspectors will have to check the home before anyone can come inside

The incident happened before noon Tuesday at the home on Lower Park Road. 

Crews were on scene loading shingles onto the roof getting ready for a roof job.

“We started stripping it; Tuesday morning our supply company decided to load by crane and hired a crane company. They came out and were loading the last bundle of shingles on the roof, and they had outrigger give (out) and the crane tipped,“ said Jerrey Hewitt with Gold Key Roofing.

Hewitt told Spectrum News two workers were on the backside of the roof at the time and were able to make it down safely.

Orlando police say no one was at the home, so no one was hurt, and the homeowners have been notified. They believe work was being done on the house at the time. 

The long crane crashed through the roof and stuck out into the backyard. The truck it's attached to was seen laying almost on its side. 

Lower Park Road was closed under the crane was removed. More cranes had to be brought in to lift the first crane out, which happened Tuesday afternoon.

The home will have to be thoroughly inspected before anyone can set foot inside.

The crane was finally removed round 7 p.m.

The homeowner says structural engineers are coming out Wednesday to assess the damage, and then he said is going to go from there.

Spectrum News did research on the crane company, Beyel, which is based out of South Florida. According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Beyel has at least one serious violation.

Reporters Paula Machado and Matt Fernandez contributed to this story.