ORLANDO, Fla. — Negotiations are set to end Friday between Disney and the unions representing thousands of employees in Central Florida.

For more than a year now, both sides have been trying to hammer out a new contract for more than half of Disney World's 70,000 cast members.

The unions posted on Facebook they are "feeling extremely hopeful and optimistic" about reaching a deal by Friday.

The Service Trades Council is a coalition of six unions that represent 38,000 Disney World employees.

Since talks are sensitive right now, neither union leaders nor Disney offered a comment when Spectrum News reached out to them.

Earlier this summer, union leaders did tell Spectrum News that progress was being made to include wage increases and maintain overtime pay in the new contract. In addition, Disney has promised to boost the minimum wage.

This latest round of negotiations come as the company announces a new program launching this fall to pay 100 percent of tuition costs for cast members looking to finish their high school diploma, earn a college degree or learn a vocational skill.

After a tentative deal is reached, union members would then have the final say with a vote.

The current contract expires a year from now.