DELTONA, Fla. — An in-ground gas tank at a Deltona gas station exploded Tuesday night as a result of a possible lightning strike, according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

  • In-ground tank explodes at Deltona gas station, deputies say
  • Deputies believe the explosion was caused by a lightning strike
  • No injuries were reported

Public Information Officer Laura Williams said the explosion happened at a Circle K/Shell gas station on 2885 Howland Boulevard.

Right now, deputies say they believe the explosion was caused by lightning that struck the tank.

The explosion reportedly left a 15-by-15 foot crater in the parking lot.

Although there was no fire, Williams said the explosion sent debris flying, like a manhole cover that was located several yards away from the gas station.

There were people getting gas at the pumps, but Williams said no one was injured.

Witness Francis Hartley was driving in his Challenger at the nearby intersection as he saw debris flying.

“It was terrifying, very helpless feeling,” said Harltey.

Fred Wiggins lives in a home behind the Circle K.

“I thank God nobody got hurt. I know those people, all the people that work there. I go there everyday. All them people have families. I care a lot about them, I watch over them, I think God nobody got hurt,” said Wiggins.

The convenient store is back open, but the gas pumps are fenced off.

The Florida Environmental Protection Agency was on scene Tuesday night to assess the explosion. 

Reporter Matt Fernandez contributed to this story.