SANFORD, Fla. -- Police in Sanford are investigating whether two recent robberies in the city’s downtown district are related. 

  • July 16: Pizza delivery driver robbed
  • July 27: Woman dragged during purse snatching
  • Police looking at whether Frederick Redding is responsible for both

Investigators say a woman was dragged to the ground during a purse snatching on July 27, and a pizza delivery driver was robbed on July 16 – both incidents within a mile of each other.

The woman told police she was walking to a bar with a group of her friends - at the intersection of Third and Palmetto – when a man came up to her and asked what time it was. 

She says the man then grabbed her purse and dragged her along the ground before the strap broke and the man got away with the purse. Sanford Police say they later identified Frederick Redding as the robbery suspect after purchases were made at a nearby Walmart using the woman’s stolen credit card. 

Police are now investigating to see if Redding -- and possibly a woman -- are both behind the purse-snatching and the robbery of a pizza delivery. 

That driver told police a man and a woman jumped out of some bushes with a hacksaw and stole pizza and money. That robbery happened at a business on Bay Avenue.

Bo Hallowes is a co-owner of Sanford Brewing Company, which is not far from both robberies. 

“It’s always disheartening to hear when something like that happens,” said Hallowes. “I rarely hear any reports about anything going on around here, so when you do it’s discouraging.”

Hallowes says he believes it’s still safe for people to walk around the downtown Sanford area, thanks to people watching out for each other.

“Residents and business owners around here to keep a watchful eye on what’s going on, but we do feel like it’s a very safe area,” said Hallowes.

Sanford Police say they’ve stepped up patrols in the area at night. Hallowes says he’s always noticed a police presence, and that makes him and his employees feel safe.

“I have seen them numerous times late at night walking around the downtown area,” said Hallowes.

But Hallowes says he never takes any chances when it comes to ensuring the safety of his customers and employees.

“We’ll have one of our managers, particularly with the female wait staff or bar tenders, escort them to their cars,” said Hallowes.

Frederick Redding was arrested but bonded out of Seminole County jail.