ORLANDO, Fla. — Just as severe storms rolled through Central Florida Thursday evening, lightning struck two homes in Orlando, setting them both on fire.

Two fires, minutes apart, and just two miles away from one another – the respective fires consumed parts of homes.

The first fire was at 11945 Old Glory Dr. off Orange Blossom Trail.

Those on the busy road, as well as those living near the home, immediately thought something was wrong following one tremendous bolt of lightning.

"We heard a boom, and through my window we saw the lightning. Then we saw my neighbor’s home smoking real bad," said Old Glory Drive resident Nelson Dominguez.

Knowing his neighbor was still inside, Nelson Dominguez acted quickly.

"I told my wife, ‘Call 911,’ and I ran over there banging on his door really hard, and the bell, and that's when he came out," Dominguez explained.

Minutes later, fire rescuers arrived and were able to put out the flames in this attic space. They say it was caused by a lightning strike. 

"I've never seen anything like it before, but I know it was lightning because I saw it through the window," Dominguez said.

Just as Dominguez’s house was consumed with flames, first responders say another lightning bolt is to blame for the fire at a home off Earnest Avenue. It happened while no one was home and while the storms were passing through. 

Fortunately no one was hurt. But Dominguez told Spectrum News this was a sobering reminder that storms in Central Florida have to be taken seriously, because you never know what could happen.

"You never know; it could've set fire to my house -- could've happened to my house," Dominguez said.

Both fire scenes have been contained but will be monitored overnight for any hot spots.