August 5 to 11 marks National Stop on Red Week and Bike Walk Central Florida reminds drivers to always stop on red. According to the National Coalition for Safer Roads, more than 3.8 million drivers ran through red lights in 2017.

FDOT offers these tips for reducing intersection crashes:

• When approaching a traffic light you should ALWAYS be prepared to STOP on RED. 

• After stopping, you may turn right on red ONLY if the way is clear of pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists; and, there is no sign posted that prohibits right turns on red 

• Always SHARE THE ROAD safely.

• Pedestrians should always USE THE CROSSWALK, and even when you have the signal to cross, look twice for approaching motorists or bicyclists before entering the street or intersection.

• Bicyclists have the same responsibilities as motorists. You should always obey traffic signals and ride predictably, WITH THE FLOW OF TRAFFIC.