LONGWOOD, Fla. — Lack of interest could cause a backyard chicken program in Longwood to fly the coop. City commissioners pushed back a decision on whether or not to allow chickens in your backyards. 

  • Backyard chicken pilot program hasn't attracted applicants yet
  • Pilot program slated to expire Sept. 3
  • Discussion postponed until Aug. 20

The commission decided Monday to postpone discussion on a permanent backyard chicken ordinance until Aug. 20 because the pilot program -- slated to expire by Sept. 3 -- hasn't attracted any applicants. 

"They're quiet. If you keep them clean then there are no issues. You know we give the eggs away to friends or neighbors. Everyone seems to really like them!" said Seminole County resident Jennifer Rhatigan about her four backyard chickens. 

When Seminole County approved a backyard chicken rule for the unincorporated parts of their area, Rhatigan, living just two miles outside of Longwood applied and moved four chickens onto her property. 

"I didn't expect them to be such good pets. The kids absolutely love them, and they love taking care of them," Rhatigan explained. 

For Rhatigan, who lives so close to Longwood, she hopes her neighbors in Longwood get to have what she does in her own back yard.

The commission is expected to talk about creating a permanent backyard chicken ordinance on Aug. 20.