SANFORD, Fla. -- See something, herd something?

  • Police arrest 3 fleeing in vehicle with stolen tag
  • Suspects tried to flee into cow pasture
  • Cows appear to herd suspect back to Sanford cops

Sanford police pursuing a vehicle with a stolen tag Sunday got some udderly useful help from some bovine citizens.

The whole incident was captured on video from the air by Seminole County Sheriff's Office's alert team, which was helping police.

The suspects crashed the white Subaru SUV in the area of Sipes Avenue and Celery Avenue, and deputies say two of the suspects ran into a pasture full of cows.

One of those suspects was captured trying to hide in some nearby brush.

The cows are seen in the video apparently chasing the suspect around the field -- herding them right back to police, who arrested the person. 

Sanford police say they arrested Jamie Michael Young, Erin Thomas and Jennifer Anne Kaufman on various charges, including resisting an officer, possession of cocaine and theft of a stolen vehicle tag.