GROVELAND, Fla. -- A chlorine gas leak at a water treatment plant is causing water pressure problems for 4,000 Groveland residents.

The city of Groveland says a cylinder that holds chlorine gas for water disinfection at the main water treatment plant on State Road 565A began leaking.

The gas damaged the controls and the city had to take the plant offline. They don't know what caused the leak. 

The city issued a 48-hour boil water notice, but the city say the water is now fine to drink.

However, the city says there will be a drop in water pressure because other plants are supplementing for the main plant, which will remain offline for the next eight to 10 weeks at least.

The residents should not see a change in their water bills, but the city is asking that resident avoid non-essential water use, including car washing and irrigation.

If you have any questions, head to the city of Groveland website.