SEVILLE, Fla. — A man was shot and killed Friday night as a result of a deputy-involved shooting in Seville.

  • Deputy shoots and kills domestic violence suspect
  • Deputy placed on administrative leave
  • Investigation is ongoing 

No deputies were injured in the incident.

Authorities say the deadly shooting happened in the area of 1600 North US-17 around 7:39 p.m.

According to VCSO, the deputy was responding to reports of domestic violence between the suspect and his girlfriend.

Once on the scene, authorities say the deputy spent several minutes talking with the uncooperative suspect on an outdoor stairway.

The suspects girlfriend eventually came out and spoke to the deputy, when the suspect grabbed her and began a scuffle with her at the top of the stairway, said deputies. 

Volusia County Sheriff says the deputy tried to intervene by positioning his taser and instructing him to put his arms behind his back. 

The suspect refused and struggled with the deputy for several minutes, said deputies. 

It was during the struggle that the suspect grabbed and discharged the deputy's taser. 

Authorities say the deputy fired multiple shots at the suspect, leading to the suspects death. 

The deputy was placed on administrative leave. 

The incident is currently being investigated.