ORLANDO, Fla. -- School starts in less than two weeks and you can expect major changes at your child's school when it comes to security.

  • All state schools must compete a security risk assessment
  • School districts across the state revamping security in wake of Parkland shooting
  • Central Florida schools will have trained officers on campus
  • Back to school 2018

On Wednesday, school districts across Central Florida and the state must compete a security risk assessment of each school campus. 

It's all part of a new law passed in the wake for the Parkland massacre.

There are close to a dozen specific security enhancements schools must during the first few weeks of school. 

Ten different steps must be taken to enhance security at every school in our state. The training guide for the risk assessment that has to be completed by today at every school.

That is, essentially, a walk through of the campus to look for ways to enhance security. 

This is all being done with the help of law enforcement officers. 

By today, school administrators must go through the campus and conduct a security risk assessment with an officer. They’ll be looking for any areas where the school may be vulnerable to  intruders.

Public safety specialists will then send those safety recommendations to the school board, which must vote on how they’ll implement the changes during a public school board meeting. 

About $99 million in funding was provided to enhance school security this year. 

In addition to that, when area schools start in a few weeks, schools must have at least one school resource officer on campus.