SANFORD, Fla. -- Residents who live near the Sanford airport are fighting a proposed development they say would change their properties forever. 

  • Sanford residents fighting annexation proposal
  • Proposal is for property along Ohio Avenue, near Sanford airport
  • Residents say annex would greatly affect nearby properties

The homeowners, who live around Silver Lake, have urged Sanford city leaders to deny the annexation of the property along Ohio Avenue.

Angelia Gordon says she waited for years to find her property.

“This is the home I’ve always dreamed of,” Gordon said. “I want to keep the community the way it was built.”

One of Gordon’s neighbors is asking the city to annex a more than five-acre plot of land that’s now vacant, so a developer can build more than a dozen homes on it. 

Gordon’s property is about the same size as the property planned for possible development.  She believes more than a dozen homes on five acres is too much. 

“It’s about more than just cramming in a bunch of homes from a picture standpoint,” Gordon said. “It’s about drainage, it’s about sewage, and it’s about the wildlife.”

Gordon says she worked her entire life to invest in a property. She hopes to eventually pass down to her family.

“This is my life savings; I’ve put tons of money in here,” she said.

The issue was on the Sanford City Commission’s agenda for Monday night, but it was continued to another meeting so city leaders could discuss it more.

Even if the annexation is approved, city leaders will need to approve a second reading of the measure at an upcoming meeting.