KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- A man found dead near the front door of a house fire Thursday is being credited with getting his wife out of the home.

  • Fire destroys home on Foraker Way in Kissimmee area
  • Man found dead near front door, firefighters say
  • Wife escaped, told neighbor that husband told her to get out

At about 6:05 a.m., Osceola County Fire Rescue came to the home on Foraker Way, where they found a man dead near the front door, firefighters said.

Neighbors said they were having a hard time dealing with the emptiness, as the two people living inside were husband and wife.

Manuel Vazquez Flores, who called 911, said he saw flames shooting through the roof. 

"I ran towards the house and found the wife outside crying,” Flores said. 

She reportedly told Flores that her husband told her to go outside and get out. 

Osceola County Fire Rescue tells Spectrum News 13 the man died inside the home. 

"I am so sorry about his death because he was our neighbor. He never bothered anyone. He was a good man," Flores said.

It is not clear what sparked the fire but Flores said he tried consoling the wife as much as he could in that moment.

“I put my arms around her and held her tight, soon after I helped her call her daughter in Tampa,” he said.

Authorities haven't released the names of the people in the home or what caused the fire, which destroyed the home. The state Fire Marshal is investigating.

Reporter Stephanie Bechara contributed to this report.