ORLANDO, Fla. -- Orange County Fire Rescue was apparently on kitten patrol Wednesday.

The first kitten was stuck in a storm drain in east Orange County Wednesday morning.

A person walking a dog heard the kitten's cries along Hedgegate Court in the Stoneybrook East neighborhood.

Firefighters had to open a manhole cover and lower a ladder down to the crying kitty, who hung on and was pulled up. 

The kitty is now at Orange County Animal Services.

Then in the Pine Hills area of the county, a newborn kitten was found stuck in the wall of a home.

Orange County Fire Rescue believes the kitten was part of a larger litter in an attic. They think the kitten fell from the attic space and got stuck behind the wall. 

The kitten is only about a week old. Rescuers took it to an area veterinarian.