DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. -- The man accused of killing a father and injuring his adult son and another man in a shooting outside a motel early Thursday admitted to the slaying, police say.

  • Cops: Marcus Pinckney admitted to triple shooting
  • 1 man was killed, 2 hurt in shooting at motel
  • Police have released identities of 3 people shot

Police Chief Craig Capri identified the alleged shooter as 40-year-old Marcus Pinckney.

"He has confessed to the crime," Capri said.

As he was escorted out of the Daytona Beach Police Department on Thursday afternoon, Pinckney paused, then said, "Listen there's only one innocent person in this and that's Christie."​

Charles Urban, the manager of the Sun Plaza Motel at 1011 S. Ridgewood Ave., said it was about 2:15 a.m. when he was watching a live feed of his surveillance video and saw a shooting.

"I was up later than normal, and I looked up on the camera and I saw some flashes, and some pops, and (thought), 'OK, that's not firecrackers.'" Urban said. "(There were) three guys got shot (and) maybe 60 seconds between the time the guy pulled up and left. That's how fast."

In the surveillance video, a silver Honda with Florida license plate tag of Y62-CVK is seen pulling up to the motel parking lot off U.S. 1, and a man gets out of the vehicle.

The video shows the gunman chase after and shoot the other two men before leaving the scene.

Urban said the man who was shot in the head was the father. Police identified him as 57-year-old Tracy Height. The man's son and another man were taken to Halifax Health Medical Center. They were identified as Trevon Height and Robert Singleton.

Police said Trevon Height and Singleton are cooperating with investigators. In addition, another man witnessed the shooting and is helping police.

"The victims were involved in a drug operation with him, he was upset, thought they were ripping him off," Capri said.

Capri said earlier in the night, Pinckney kidnapped his girlfriend and had her in his vehicle during the murder. She escaped after the shooting, and Pinckney hid in a motel in Ormond Beach until he was arrested just hours after the shooting.

Pinckney has an extensive arrest record with a history of battery and drug charges and has served 10 years in prison.

He's due to face a judge Friday.