SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. -- Despite a few days without measurable rain, some residents in eastern Seminole County say high water is a big concern. 

  • High water still a big concern for some Seminole County residents
  • Areas along the St. Johns River have been under minor stage flood warning
  • Water is expected to go back down, but heavy rains could change that

Areas along the St. Johns River have been under a minor stage flood warning for several weeks.

Boating across his property is now something Dale Sherman has to do twice every day.

"You can see how deep the water is because it's up to that gate and that gate is about five feet tall," Sherman said.

Sherman says it's the only way he can get to the other side of his now swollen pond to feed his farm animals, which are now stuck on the other side of the family's property.

"It was a nice little pond but that's what it was -- a pond," he said. "Now it's a big lake."

Sherman says in 30 years at his Geneva home, he's never seen the water up this high during this point in the rainy season. He believes the water never fully went down after Hurricane Irma in Fall 2017.

Seminole County Emergency Management officials say a heavier-than-normal rainy season has swollen the St. Johns River and Lake Harney in the Geneva area. 

Water is almost level with a few neighborhood streets in the area and flowing over some people's driveways. Water is forecasted to go back down, but officials say more heavy rains could change that.

"The only choice we have is just to leave it alone and let it dry out," Sherman said.