CENTRAL FLORIDA -- We had an early start to showers and storms Wednesday as the east coast sea breeze quickly moved inland.

Some of the storms that developed held heavy rain and frequent lightning. Because the activity started early, it will end early and lead us into a quiet night.

Temperatures once again made it into the mid to low 90s and will stay in the 90s the rest of the week. Rain chances will gradually back off as we approach the weekend.  

Partly cloudy skies will continue through the overnight hours as temperatures fall into the mid-70s. A few isolated showers close to the Gulf Coast will be possible early Thursday morning, but most will be dry to start the day.

The warmth continues at temperatures will continue to creep towards the mid-90s. However, with higher rain chances, the showers and thunderstorms will lower temperatures slightly during the afternoon.

Rain chances will slowly start decreasing as we reach the weekend with Friday’s high temperatures staying warm in the low 90s. 

With an ESE trade swell, surf conditions are poor-to-fair with wave heights at 2-3 ft. The rip current threat remains moderate for Thursday, but it is always best to swim close to a lifeguard.

The UV index remains extreme, so don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen. The sea surface temps remain refreshing in the mid-80s.  

Tropical Update

In the tropics, conditions are much quieter compared to last week.

No new development is expected at least for the next two to five days. 

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