PORT ORANGE, Fla. -- Steven Berkani is fighting several big issues such as texting and driving and bullying one click at a time -- all without the use of his hands.

  • Despite his challenges, Steven Berkani taught himself video production
  • He edits video by using a touch and click pad with his chin
  • Berkani makes videos that address bullying, texting while driving
  • He says his next project is a fundraiser for young girl battling cancer

The Port Orange man is using years of video production experience to get the important messages out to the public.

"He couldn't do a whole lot of anything without somebody’s help," Karen Berkani said. But "I think he's done a great thing," she said.

Even as a young child, Steven, who was born with cerebral palsy, became very interested in video production. He started out by teaching himself how to edit.

"I was fascinated with how movies were made," Steven said.

"I would say to him, 'How do you know how to do that?' and he would say, 'I learned on my own,' " Karen said.

With no use of his hands, Steven edits video by using a touch and click pad, similar to that on a laptop. The touchpad is on a rod that extends from his wheelchair.

"How proud I am of him... He's courageous, he's joyful and he doesn't let things get him down," Karen said.

After putting together videos for his family, Berkani said he wanted to help more people.

"Why not?" he said.

At one point, he met Greg Cardino, a longtime video production teacher in the area.

"Steven was laying on a bed editing with his chin and his nose," Cardino said.

Cardino helped Steven make a video that warns people about the dangers of texting and driving, "because people don't think about the consequences," Steven said.

"It's a message that needs to be sent out," Karen said. "And who better to send the message than a boy sitting in a wheelchair about what could happen?" Karen said.

Steven has no choice but to live life mostly confined to a wheelchair.

"He was dealt a very cruel, harsh hand at the very beginning of his life, but he has not let it bring him down," Cardino said.

"He's kind of stuck in a chair, and he found something that gave him freedom and some joy," Karen said.

Steven Berkani has posted videos on his YouTube page, including a video he just completed that addresses bullying -- something Berkani said he's had to deal with.

Berkani said his next video project will help raise money for a young girl battling cancer.

"I believe anything is possible," Steven Berkani said.