ORLANDO, Fla. -- UCF Police Department officers say two women reported early Tuesday morning that a man followed them onto campus and committed a sex act in front of them.

  • Police: Man followed women, committed sex act
  • Incident happened on UCF campus

The women told police that the unknown man followed them in a gray four-door Hyundai from McDonald’s on Alafaya Trial to the UCF campus near Garage E.

According to the women, the man the committed a sex act in from of them before taking off and driving the wrong way down the street.

A police report said that investigators collected semen swabs from the driver’s door as evidence.

The women described the man as white, thin, in his mid-twenties, around 5-feet-7-inches, with shaggy, ‘surfer-style’ hair.

He also reportedly wore a black hat, black shirt and khaki shorts.

“If you see something, say something. If someone is following you, call us," said Chief Carl Metzger of UCF Police in a taped response. “If something happens where the hair on the back of your next stands up, call us."

UCF Police would not grant an interview, but they shared a response Tuesday, as well as surveillance video of a man’s car on campus.

Police say the woman called UCFPD immediately, and officers responded within minutes, though they did not locate a vehicle that matched what the women described.

“I encourage you to look at that video, look at the description of the subject. And please help us to identify him," said the Chief.

A second incident happened early Sunday morning, when a young woman left an off-campus bar, found her way back to campus and said that she was groped from behind.

She hit the attacker, ran off, and then hit a blue alert light.

Soon-to-be sophomore Hannah Klonowski said she appreciates the emergency signals scattered about campus, which alert police if a student needs help.

Main areas of campus are "lit up all the time," she says, which greatly enhances visibility and communication between the police department and students is good.

“I think it’s much better to be informed than not to be. I’m a really big proponent of that," she said. "I think it’s an excellent thing we have, and I really like that we get the news alerts on our emails and our phones. I think that makes us feel a little bit better when we know what’s going on."

As a result of the incident on July 8, UCF police stepped up patrols on campus.

“Unfortunately, I do know those things happen on college campuses. I think in general the police department does a really good job of keeping us all safe," Klonowski said.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact UCF Police at 407-823-5555, or you can report anonymously via Crimeline at 1-800-23-TIPS.

Spectrum News Reporter Julie Gargotta contributed to this story.