ORLANDO, Fla. -- Things remain active in the tropics, but there are no imminent threats to Florida.

Tropical Storm Chris is off the coast of the Carolinas, about 215 miles south-southeast of Cape Hatteras. Winds are 70 mph and it's expected to strengthen into a hurricane either tonight or tomorrow.

The storm is stationary. Landfall in the United States is not projected for Tropical Storm Chris, but the storm will generate higher swells and rip current threats from the Carolinas up to the mid-Atlantic region.

Meanwhile, the remnants of Beryl are pushing into the northeast Caribbean Sea. Although it is a weaker system, heavy rain is possible for Puerto Rico and Hispaniola.

There is a moderate chance that these remnants may spin up again into something tropical by the time it reaches the Bahamas. We will be keeping an eye on it, bringing you the latest in the tropical update at :51 past each hour.