SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. -- The man who is accused of raping a woman and kidnapping her and her roommate in Casselberry and was on the run for several days was given a $1,000 bond for resisting arrest on Friday, according to officials.

Benjamin Victor Hovan, 32, was spotted, stunned and arrested by a Titusville police officer Thursday at a Brevard County gas station, stated officials.

And while facing a judge on Friday, Hovan received a $1,000 bond for resisting arrest without violence, with a hold status from Seminole County. 

It started on Saturday night, police said he broke into a home at the Stonecastle Apartments in Casselberry, armed with a knife, and raped one of two women.

Then he forced the women to drive him to a Maitland Publix so he could get cash out of an ATM. A store employee called police, and he took off in one of the women's 2006 silver Toyota Matrix.

An incident report from South Miami police shows on July 4th, Hovan allegedly pistol whipped a 62-year-old woman who was at her front door feeding cats, knocked her unconscious inside her home and stole her Mercedes.

Then on Thursday, police spotted Hovan and the Mercedes at a Titusville gas station and took him into custody.  

In a video recorded by a body camera worn by the arresting Titusville police officer, Austin Quinn, Hovan tried to make a run for it and the officer tried to stun him, but the prongs did not stick. Quinn was able to fire a second time and was able to capture Hovan with the assistance of other officers.

One of the officers was heard saying, "Do you know who you look like?" to Hovan. 

Casselberry will press charges including kidnapping and sexual battery after what happened on Saturday.  

The arrest is a relief for neighbors.  

"You had no idea where he was so I would leave the apartment and make sure to lock the door all the time, I was always looking around just to make sure you're aware of your surroundings," said Sarah Jacobs, a resident of the Stonecastle Apartments in Cassellberry.

Another resident, Melissa Bertucci, echoed those feelings.

"It definitely makes me feel safer. I mean I always lock my door but it's definitely nice to just be at home and just not have to worry about it," she said.  

One day later on Sunday, there was another alleged incident involving Hovan and evidence may link him to a home burglary and stolen car in Maitland, authorities stated. 

He is also accused of a crime in Tallahassee where he is from, stated officials.