ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. -- The fear of homelessness is becoming more real for hundreds of Puerto Ricans hurricane evacuees living in Central Florida. 

  • FEMA housing assistance program ends this weekend
  • Puerto Ricans fled the island after 2 hurricanes battered their home
  • They will rally to have housing program extended 

A FEMA-housing assistance program evacuees have relied on since leaving the island is ending this weekend. 

The program has been extended four times before, but as of right now, it does not appear that FEMA will offer another extension and that is why activists will be rallying Tuesday morning.  

They want to urge Republican U.S. Rep. Bob Cortes to ask Gov. Rick Scott to extend the program.  

Advocates say they could be facing homeless when this program ends on Saturday.  

Hurricanes Irma and María were both Category 4 storms that came ashore in Puerto Rico two weeks apart. 

It destroyed the island's power grid and telecommunications network, but the largest impact was felt from the damage done to thousands of homes. 

Since October, FEMA has provided hotel rooms for more than 7,000 families through a program called "transitional aid assistance," but that program ends on Saturday. 

Thousands of people left the island and most them came to Florida. 

According to FEMA, some hurricane evacuees have returned to Puerto Rico but the ones who remain are mainly the elderly and people with chronic health issues.    

The rally will be held outside of Bob Cortes' office later Tuesday morning.