MELBOURNE, Fla.-- A family-owned stand since 1987 is hoping to show bigger companies that small steps can help the environment in big ways.

  • Mustard's Last Stand replaces plastic with paper and wood
  • Owner says the switch is costly but wants to help environment
  • He's hoping bigger companies will make the switch too

Mustard’s Last Stand in Melbourne is known for its hot dogs and eclectic environment but now it’s bringing attention to a whole new idea.

The small business going green by getting rid of old plastic and replacing it with paper and wood.

According to the owner Michael Pavlick, finding distributors for biodegradable items like to-go containers, cutlery and straws wasn't easy and it’s costly. 

Changing plastic straws and cutlery to more green options is costing about $40 more a case but they want their customers to know, they're biting the cost and are not planning on raising the price of their food. 

Pavlick says he hopes bigger companies will see, if a small business can do it, then why can't they.

"Try a little harder and better to eliminate plastic, if the bigger companies joined more people would follow," Pavlick said.

First time customer Caleb Irvin says, its cool to see a small business leading the way and setting a new standard that taking care of your city is worth more than just making profit.

"If they're able to do it and do not have the high volume as the bigger companies, it sets a precedent to the bigger companies that they need to make a change," Irvin said.

Mustard's Last Stand has a promotion for customers who want to cut down on using plastic, if you buy one of their cups, you get refills for only $1.