KISSIMMEE, Fla. -- Monday night, an Osceola County Commissioner crossed over to the city and asked for help to make a crisis center for the homeless a reality.

While the majority of the city commissioners did not agree with her, the issue will still be voted for by the county in the next month, because this commissioner said she’s not giving up.

  • City votes again 'one stop shop' homeless center
  • Measure advocated by Comm. Peggy Choudhry

Spectrum News interviewed Robert Evans two years ago when he was homeless.

“People who have never been homeless before,” he said. “They have no clue what a rainy season could be when you don't have a roof.”

Fortunately for him, he was able to get out of homelessness. In fact, he now lives in this RV. But Evans wishes there were more resources out there that could have offered a hand up.

“This county needs to do something,” Evans said.  

He’s not the only one that thinks this way. Dozens of people spoke out during the city of Kissimmee meeting to show their support for a One Stop Care Crisis Center.

Peggy Choudhry leading this idea says the center would be a 24/7 facility that can provide hot meals, showers, laundry machines and social services for the homeless.

“I think that at the end of the day, we coming together is what is going to make this huge big issue come together and truly start making a difference,” Choudhry said, “Because as much as we are doing today, we can do more.”

The City of Kissimmee moved a motion to support the homeless center Tuesday night, however it did not pass -- something that discourages Evans as he believes that if there would have been a crisis center when homelessness happened to him, his journey would have been different

 “Please help the homeless. It’s not like we choose for this to happen in our lives, but we need help,” he added.  

Commissioner Choudhry will bring this up to the Osceola County on July 16. The city mayor said that as soon as the county makes a decision about the center they will follow in that direction.  


Voted yes in support of One Stop Shop:

  • Comm. Wanda Rentas
  • Comm. Olga Gonzalez

Voted no in support of One Stop Shop:

  • Mayor Jose Alvarez
  • Comm. Angela Eady
  • Comm. Jim Fisher