THE EVERGLADES, Fla. -- Thomas Peltier and his 11-year-old son, Connor, are taking family bonding to new heights.

  • Father and son catches python while hunting
  • Pair took off from Sarasota toward Key Biscayne
  • They also captured cane toads and iguanas on the way

On June 10, the duo left for a three-day invasive species hunt.

They took off from Sarasota and traveled south to Naples, then traveled Alligator Alley to Key Biscayne.

It was during a stop in the Everglades that they made their biggest catch yet: Connor started recording when his Dad spotted a 14- foot Burmese python.

Thomas gained control of the python and put it on his back as the two walked more than a mile out of the Everglades.

The two also captured cane toads and spiny tail iguanas on their trip.

"He knows when summer starts we go on adventure after adventure after adventure," Peltier said.

The father-son duo have done numerous trips like this one and consider it the ultimate bonding experience.

"The entire trip is special because it's just him and I doing what we love," Peltier said.

"I'm just very happy that I have a Dad like him," Connor said.

View the duo's successful capture here.