COCOA, Fla. -- A well-known Cocoa doughnut shop is closing its doors Sunday after struggling to stay in business.

Sugar Shack Donuts in Cocoa Village took to Facebook on Friday morning to make the announcement that on Father's Day, it will close up shop.

''We've had struggles and successes. After three years the struggles have outweighed the successes and despite wanting to hold onto what has been an amazing experience we simply cannot do so any longer,'' Sugar Shack Donuts posted to Facebook Friday morning.

This comes after it was forced to close its second location in Melbourne a few months ago. Since the company's announcement on Facebook, it's been shared almost 1,000 times with more than 900 comments.

This is the shop that stayed open until forced to evacuate during Hurricane Irma and one of the first ones to reopen after the hurricane passed.

The head baker for the past two years, Amanda Lancaster, explains most employees like her are now out of a job with families to support.

''I wrote up my resume, and I'll start shopping around on Monday, because I've been here for a lot of hours for the past three days,'' Lancaster said.

Employees say they found out the store was closing on Thursday and are not getting any severance pay.

''(I've) probably been here more than I've been at home for the past two years. I've loved working here,'' Lancaster added.

Seth Dellinger, who's been coming to the doughnut shop for years, was one of hundreds shocked to see the company's Facebook post.

''We couldn’t believe it. We had to come get doughnuts for the last time. We like all of them,'' Dellinger said.

Longtime customer Dana Ott couldn't contain her excitement to get her hands on a doughnut. She said she's been supporting the small business for years and likes to bring her family.

Ott says she's saddened the employees are out of a job and a small business is going out of business.

''(I'm) very sorry for the employees. For the community, it's a loss,'' Ott said.

Earlier Saturday morning, there was a line out the door. Even Cocoa Fire Rescue stopped by for a snack. The shop ran out of doughnuts before 10:30 a.m. because many people saw the store's Facebook post and wanted to show their support.  

Sugar Shack Donuts will remain open until 4 p.m. Sunday. It would like the community to stop by for a sweet treat, and if you have any job leads for their employees out of work, please reach out to the owners.