TITUSVILLE, Fla -- A Brevard County no-kill animal shelter is all full and can't take in another cat or dog.

  • Long-time shelter dog needs home
  • Brevard SPCA says shelter is at full capacity
  • ·For info on adoption, visit: www.spcanorthbrevard.com

There is one long-time shelter pooch who desperately needs a home.

If there ever was a 'shelter' dog, it would be 3-year-old Dots.

The retriever mix came to the SPCA from another shelter when he was just 6-months-old.

That means this sweet-natured pup has been here more than 800 days.

He unfortunately is the record holder for a stint at this shelter.

"It's no way for a dog to grow up," said Susan Naylor, SPCA of Brevard.

Dots isn't alone -- the rescue has 11 other dogs that have been here for more than 150 days.

It's symbolic of what the SPCA is going through right now.

"We are beyond max -- 400 kittens in foster care," Naylor said. "Almost 100 cats and another hundred something dogs in the building.”

It's that time of year -- summertime.

What it means for this shelter, and really every shelter in the southeast, is that more animals are coming in, with some of them being surrendered.

"We can't take any in right now until we get some homes for these dogs and cats," Naylor told Spectrum News. "So if you are looking, now is a great time."

All the longtime shelter dogs' adoption fees have been paid for by a volunteer.

If you are looking to adopt, visit SPCA of Brevard: www.spcanorthbrevard.com