LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. -- Yoga is quickly becoming a popular craze all over the country, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spice it up with something new every once and a while. 

There isn't a much more relaxing way to spend a Sunday morning than soaking in some South Florida sun while embracing a yoga class. 

“Anytime we do yoga outside it becomes more of a healing property. Yoga in general is great for the body, but this is just great for the mind, the heart and soul," said instructor Kimberley Depasquale. 

Kimberley, who now owns her own studio, has instructed yoga for more than five years, but just recently added something new to the mix. 

At Krazy Hearts Farm, they take their yoga to the next level by unleashing dozens of goats you get to interact with during the class. 

At Downward Goat, it's not just about the yoga -- it’s all about connecting with nature, and that’s not hard to do, especially when these goats aren’t shy about getting in on the action. 

You’ll have everything from baby goats nestling up next to you, to the more rambunctious and adventurous goats climbing on top of you.  

“I was almost in tears it was so unbelievable to see all these parades of goats come in.. looking for people to jump on and share their experience with. It was just so cute," First time visitor Lauren Farinas, said. 

Don't let your skill level stop you either -- they keep their classes focused on the goats so anyone from a beginner to an experienced yoga enthusiasts can take their classes. 

It's a spot that provides a fun, welcoming day trip that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. 

“My husband isn’t a goat person, took me a year to get him out here, but when he finally did he couldn’t help but smile. As you can see they just want to be loved just like we do," Kimberley said. 

Weather permitting, Downward Goat holds classes on weekends and they ask that you call ahead to reserve a time and spot.  

For more information, head to their website: downwardgoat.com