ORLANDO, Fla. -- The legacy of two Pulse victims lives on in an Orlando beauty salon they once started.

  • Salon once owned by Pulse victims
  • Family runs business in memory of victims

From the outside the salon 'D'Magazine' by Juan P. on Plaza Drive may look like your typical hair salon.

But the walls inside show it's so much more than that, as it’s filled with a number of pictures and memories.

D'Magazine was owned by Juan Pablo Rivera Velázquez. His partner of 14 years, Luis Daniel Conde, also worked in the salon.

The two met at a club in Puerto Rico, and the two died at Pulse in Orlando two years ago.

Juan’s sister, Jessica Silva said, "I miss them ... I wish they would be here walking with us, being part of our day today."

Angelita Velazquez, Juan's mother, worked alongside her son five days a week. She said returning to a place filled with so many memories is bittersweet. In Spanish she told Spectru News, "I can't explain my pain because it's something so strong."

But while it's difficult, it also gives her life she said. Angelita believes this business is what gives them the strength to keep on going.

A month and half ago they moved the salon from Orlando back to Kissimmee. But everything down to the furniture and decor inside of this new space continues to personify the couple.

While Juan and Luis are very much absent, they're still present in their hearts.

"While God gives me health, I will continue their legacy," Angelita said.

The family also continues to run the makeup line Juan created called 'Color Face and Creation.' Products can be purchased at the salon for now, but they hope to one day sell the makeup online.