CENTRAL FLORIDA -- Some isolated storms had an early start Wednesday afternoon as temperatures climbed to around 90 degrees. 

Stronger storms developed later in the day as the east and west coast sea breeze collided.  It will be a lot quieter as we head toward daybreak as temperatures fall into the mid to low 70s. 

The pattern for afternoon and evening storms will continue on for the rest of the week as sea breeze and boundary collisions are encouraged by a ridge of high pressure.

Storms associated with boundary collision are prone to have gusty wind, frequent lightning, and torrential rain. Storm chances will remain at 50 percent Thursday and then drop to 30 percent on Friday. Father’s Day weekend may experience some scattered showers as rain chances climb back up to 40 percent in the afternoon and evening time. 

Since rain chances will continue, make sure to have an indoor plan for Father’s Day if showers spark up in your area. The copy and paste pattern continues for temperatures as highs stay close to the average upper 80s along the coast and lower 90s inland. 

The night lows will stay in 70s throughout the area. In the tropics, an area of low pressure near the Yucatan Peninsula has a low chance for tropical development as it moves northwest into the Gulf of Mexico. Regardless of development, it will stay away from Florida.

If heading to the beach, sea surface temperatures will be in the 80s, making it enjoyable for swimming; however, the surf still remains poor. The UV index continues to stay high, so sunscreen will be your best friend.

The rip current threat has increased to moderate, so it is always best to swim close to a lifeguard tower.  As typical June, always be on the lookout for isolated showers/storms in the afternoon.

Tropical Update

In the tropics, a cluster of thunderstorms in the southern Caribbean has a low chance for tropical development in the next five days. Something to monitor as it moves northwest, but not a big concern for Florida.

Hurricane Season continues through Nov. 30.

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