MELBOURNE, Fla. -- A man is arrested after Melbourne Police Department say they responded to a 911 call about ducks being beaten to death.

  • Man accused of beating ducks to death
  • Magdiel Marrero-Pena, 41, charged w/ aggravated animal cruelty
  • Man's wife said ducks were aggressive

Forty-one-year-old Magdiel Marrero-Pena was charged Monday afternoon with aggravated animal cruelty for allegedly killing ducks by beating and stomping them repeatedly.

According to a police report, Marrero told investigators he killed the adult duck after it started attacking him in his backyard. There is no indication yet as to why he killed the ducklings.

Marrero's wife told Spectrum News 13 that he only killed the Muscovy ducks because they are aggressive.

"He beat the duck and stomped on the ducklings. The City of Melbourne is a sanctuary city -- you cannot inflict pain on animals," explained Lt. Cheryl Trainer from the Melbourne Police Department.

Arrest documents show Marrero has two prior arrests for aggravated battery in 2016 and domestic violence in 2017.

According to authorities, the other ducklings they removed during the incident are in foster care. ​

Marrero's bond is set at $20,000.