ORANGE COUNTY -- People across Central Florida are beginning another hurricane season still dealing with damage from the last one.

  • Orange County residents still dealing with Hurricane Irma damage
  • Water damage so severe, man, brother forced to leave home
  • Resident says management hasn't done enough
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One Orange County resident says he couldn’t stay in his apartment any longer because he was still dealing with damage from Hurricane Irma.

As Jonathan Moyes moved out of his apartment earlier this week, he recorded cell phone video of water damage he says he’s been dealing with for months.

“After every rain, it would just get worse and worse and worse,” Moyes said.

Moyes says he and his brother reported the damage to property management at Millennium Cove Condominiums.

He says at one point, property management patched up and painted some of the water damage in his brother’s bedroom, but he says roof damage at the complex was never fixed.

“We really would’ve like a quicker response to get these roofs done, especially after we’ve contacted them multiple times about this damage after it kept on getting worse and worse, and worse,” Moyes said.

Blue tarps still cover many sections of roofs at the condominium complex.  Some are in tact, but others are ripped apart after being in use for months.

“They have not come out here to replace tarps properly,” Moyes said. “I know there are tarps along my apartment building and on other apartment buildings that have been completely torn to shreds.”

Millennium Cove’s property manager referred Spectrum News 13 to Disaster Consulting Services, which handled the complex’s insurance claim.

The company says it filed the claim on Sept. 12, 2017 -- right after Irma hit.  But a company spokesperson says it took until May 18 -- more than eight months later -- for the insurance company to approve the claim.

When heavy rains returned to Central Florida in early May, Moyes says his brother’s room became uninhabitable, and the two decided it was time to move out.

“It is disappointing, especially since we really liked that apartment,” Moyes said.

Moyes says he reached out to Spectrum News 13 because he’s still worried about his neighbors who he says are still dealing with water damage.

“I just want to help all the other tenants there get this problem fixed in a prompt manner,” said Moyes. “It’s better late than never.”

Disaster Consulting Services tells Spectrum News 13 with the insurance claim approved, roof repairs should begin in the next few weeks.