BANANA RIVER, Fla. -- Two brothers experienced a scary moment after their boat flipped on the Banana River during gusty conditions Wednesday.

  • Boat flips on Banana River from gusty conditions
  • 2 brothers were on the catamaran that flipped
  • BCSO helicopter, FWC assisted the brothers

Around 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, brothers Sean and Ryan Devlin were navigating up the waterway from a friend's house when the wind picked up, flipping their catamaran over.

"We came out on the dock and saw the boat had capsized," Tom Street told Spectrum News 13 from his son's property along the water.

The brothers were able to call for help, and the Brevard County Sheriff's helicopter was able to hover over until they got to shallow water.

"The helicopter stayed with them the entire time," Street said.

Catamaran flipped on the Banana River due to windy conditions. (Greg Pallone, staff)

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission boat arrived and watched over the pair as they slowly walked the boat to the closest dock.

The skies were getting dark, and time was of the essence to get the boat's sail down and secure it.

"The wind really picked up, it was all gusty and everything," said Sean Devlin from the water beneath the dock where they tied up the boat.

Devlin says they live nearby and were close to home when the wind took the catamaran over.

"We just couldn't pull it back over!" he said frustrated.

The brothers were tired but not hurt.

"They are very lucky, I think," Street said.

Both boaters were wearing life jackets. FWC says 81 percent of drowning victims were not wearing one.

FWC, Brevard Sheriff's Office assisted the boaters in getting to shallow water. (Greg Pallone, staff)