LAKE MARY, Fla. -- The Seminole County Sheriff's Office released the identity of the man shot and killed by police at a busy Lake Mary shopping plaza following a road rage incident Tuesday night.

Investigators identified the man as David M. Romansky, 34, of Longwood.

The Lake Mary Police Department stated that it received a call before 8 p.m. about a road-rage incident on Lake Mary Boulevard involving someone in a white SUV.

The caller, who Spectrum News 13 is not identifying, called police after he says he got cut off in traffic.

“He pulled off of I-4, merged extremely fast on Lake Mary Boulevard, I honked my horn and got up beside of him, and I did yell at him a little bit, looked over at him and pulls a gun out of his center console and shows it.”

The caller then said the SUV’s driver, David Romansky, got a flat tire and had to pull into a busy shopping center. 

David Romansky, 34, had a long record of criminal charges, says authorities. (Seminole County Sheriff's Office)

Police say someone matching the same description pulled into Jeremiah's Italian Ice off Lake Mary Boulevard at shopping plaza the Shoppes of Lake Mary and things escalated from there.

According to Lake Mary Police Department, three officers approached the driver, identified as Romansky, who at the time was still inside of the SUV.

Police say Romansky was asked several times to get out of his car, and when he did, police say he pulled out a gun.

Spectrum News 13 spoke to one witness who says she saw the moment gunshots were fired.

"I heard a shot and a woman screaming and then we saw a lot of police, cops coming. Coming there. And then they started shooting this guy, right there in his car," described Luz Sanchez.

Another witness described to Spectrum News 13 what she saw.



It is unclear at this time if Romansky ever fired any shots at the police.

Investigators say the officers acted to protect themselves and the many people in the busy shopping center.

Romansky reportedly had a long record of criminal charges, including charges of aggravated battery, burglary and battery on an officer.

None of the officers involved was injured. They have been placed on paid leave, which is standard protocol whenever an officer is involved in a shooting.

Reporter Jeff Allen contributed to this story.