ORLANDO, Fla. -- Those living in East Orange County got a first look at the possible plans for expanding State Road 50, or East Colonial Drive. 

Those plans mean adding toll lanes and come just as another proposal for another toll road, State Road 408, looks at expanding in the same area. 

The Florida Department of Transportation is currently conducting a study to figure out how feasible and helpful it would be to add more lanes to State Road 50 in East Orange County. The expansion would include up to two toll lanes along the roadway as well. 

However, The Expressway Authority in Central Florida is also considering expanding State Road 408 east towards Brevard County as well. 

The Florida Department of Transportation said the area would support just one toll road, not both projects. 

"It's a battle on who's going to have this toll road, and they keep jerking us around," said East Orange County homeowner Dan Devor.

Frustrated, Devor said he wants something to change on SR-50 because for years now, he's watched as the population has risen, and the roadways have become more congested. 

Although FDOT widened parts of the SR-50 roadway a few years ago, they are looking at doing it again -- this time expanding the roadway up to three lanes further east and adding up to two toll lanes in each direction.

"They just put this road in, and yet they are going to tear it back up again?" Devor said.

Angry at more construction, Devor listened to the possibilities with State Road 50, because he said he believes change is inevitable.

Now Devor said he wonders whether FDOT will expand the roadway or if the Expressway Authority extends the 408.

"I agree that something needs to happen to relieve traffic, but not at the expense of our homes," said another East Orange County resident William Rogers.

Right now the 408 extension proposal would be designed to run through the Deerwood community where Rogers and his wife live.

Thursday, Rogers told FDOT surveyors he was excited to see their plans because preliminary plans don't appear to impact any major residential areas. 

"That's what we are looking for, to know that we are not in jeopardy," Rogers said. 

We were told the Florida Department of Transportation will take all public comment into consideration in their plans.

In the years to come, they have to decide if it's feasible for them to move in and build upon this road.

In the meantime, the preliminary plan for the 408 expansion is expected to be brought up for discussion again this summer.