APOPKA, Fla. -- Take a scenic drive through one of Central Florida's best kept secrets, where you'll see hundreds of species of birds.

You'll find Ed Boucicaut sitting alongside Lake Apopka almost weekly; for him, it's the perfect spot.

"Wildlife photography is my hobby, and there is quite a variety of birds and gators to see," Boucicaut said.

It's what surrounds the lake though that draws in so many other visitors: The Lake Apopka Wildlife Trail.

This drive through attraction takes you on an 11-mile scenic journey around the property where you never know what unique wildlife you’ll run into.

In fact it's one of the only places you find more than 300 species of birds this far inland.

"We've actually set a record for the highest inland bird count," said Maria Zondervan, land manager with the St. Johns River Water Management District. "Right here close to Orlando you can come and feel like you're in the wilderness."

A record breaking 365 species have been documented on the trail and the wildlife certainly isn't shy about letting you get up close for the perfect shots, making it ideal for anyone into nature photography.

"If you're into wildlife or just want to relax, it's a very relaxing drive," Boucicaut said.

The drive through portion of the Lake Apopka Wildlife trail is open Friday through Sunday from sunrise to sunset.

If you would like more information, head to Lake Apopka’s website.