OCHOPEE, Fla. -- A wild adventure awaits in southern Florida, where you’ll get to experience the Everglades while zipping across the water.  

  • Ride through the Everglades at Wooten's Airboat Rides
  • On the ride, you'll see gators, native birds
  • For more information, visit Wooten's website

“Every ride is different," says 21-year-veteran guide Carl Nicholson. "You never know what you’re gonna see; that never gets old." 

With thousands of tours under his belt, Carl, a self-proclaimed "swamp boy," is no stranger to showing guests a good time. He's often gliding through the waters of the South Florida Everglades at Wooten's Airboat Rides. 

“Mr. Raymond Wooten, the founder, back in 1953... he was basically getting frogs out here on the airboat when some people saw him from the road and wanted to take a ride. That's how it all started," Carl said.

Now, decades later, Wooten's is one of the oldest airboat attractions in South Florida, giving guests a thrilling adventure.  

While you're out there, it can get pretty fast, getting up to speeds between 30 to 40 mph. If you really want a thrill, sit in the front row, where you'll get plenty of splash action.

They’ll slow down, though, to help you explore all the nature the Everglades has to offer.

You’ll get to meet everything from native birds to some pretty curious alligators, which might come right up to your boat. In this part of the Everglades, you may even see a crocodile.

It makes for a thrilling afternoon, to say the least. 

"If you got a tank of gas and free day, come on down and see us. I don’t think anyone will be disappointed," Carl said.

Wooten's is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. In addition to their airboats, they also offer animal demonstrations, feedings and swamp buggy rides.

For more information, head to Wooten’s Airboat Ride’s website