LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Leaders of several labor unions are taking time to consider the latest contract offer by Walt Disney World that raises wages over the next few years, but at the expense of other benefits.

  • Disney labor unions considering new contact offer
  • $15 an hour starting in 2021, with tradeoffs
  • Negotiations have happened over last 8 months

Disney World proposed a $15 an hour wage starting in 2021, with gradual increases over the next few years.

However, the proposal comes with tradeoffs, including changes in overtime and scheduling. 

"This proposal is an important step in our effort to achieve a living wage for all Central Florida hospitality workers, but we need to consider it with caution," said a statement from UNITE HERE leaders. 

The Service Trades Council Union represents more than 35,000 Disney World employees. The group has been fighting for a new contract with Disney for eight months.

Not all of the groups that make up the union want to consider the new contract. The representative for the United Food and Commercial Workers union spoke out against the deal because of the tradeoffs.

However, representatives from UNITE HERE told Spectrum News Networks that the response from UFCW did not represent the whole council.

"UNITE HERE and the Teamsters are responsibly discussing Disney's proposal with our members and we look forward to continuing negotiations with Disney," spokesman Jeremy Haicken said.

UNITE HERE said it would meet with hundreds of Disney cast members over the next few days to review the proposals.