ORLANDO, Fla. -- Two teenage boys were found guilty of manslaughter Wednesday in the beating death of Roger Trindade.

The parents of Trindade, a Winter Park High School student who died days after being beaten in Winter Park's Central Park in 2016, were emotional after the jury's verdict, saying they'll return for sentencing but are glad this chapter of their lives is over.

"I speak for my son who is not here anymore, I speak for him," said Roger's father, Rodrigo Trindade. "He was kind and good at heart. And I know he would forgive them if he was here. So, in our hearts we feel for the families of Jesse and Simeon. But, this is justice working."

Roger Trindade’s family said they were satisfied with the verdict but had mixed emotions as they left court.

“I'm still sad… I'm sad because I still don’t have my boy again…” said Adriana Thomas, Trindade’s mother.

Sutherland walked out of the courtroom at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando with his crying family. Hall is in custody.

During the three-day trial, prosecutors tried to paint a picture of a violent and ruthless attack on Trindade, while the defense tried to cast doubt -- this as Trindade's family sat silently in the back of the courtroom, waiting for the jury's verdict.

"Simeon Hall and Jesse Sutherland spit on Roger Trindade when he was on the ground, helpless, helpless, bleeding to death before their eyes," prosecutor Theresa Mills-Uvalle said.


Defense attorney Danielle Barbato suggested the prosecution didn't give jurors the full picture.


"The state had the burden to prove to you beyond a reasonable doubt, and how they did that was to cherry-pick between Jesse's statements," Barbato said.

Each side had equal time to divide between presenting and rebutting. 

The defense tried to show there were conflicting statements given, implying there is plenty of reasonable doubt.

"Did Jesse arrive first or did Simeon? There's been contradictory testimony to that. Who hit Roger? Did Roger or Rodrigo assume a fighting stance?" Hall attorney David Fussell said.

Defense attorneys made motions for acquittal of both clients Tuesday -- both teens were tried in the same courtroom, as they were charged in tandem -- but Judge Jenifer Harris denied those motions.

"... It’s a very important decision. There's nothing that can be done to bring Roger Trindade back," Fussell said.

In addition to the manslaughter charges, both teens were found guilty of two counts of battery -- one for punching Trindade's friend, Rodrigo, and another for spitting on Trindade.

The State Attorney's Office said both defendants could face a maximum of 17 years in prison if they're sentenced as adults. Harris could also choose to sentence them as youthful offenders, carrying a maximum of four years with two years' probation, or juveniles, which is less.

Sentencing for Hall and Sutherland will be June 17, per the State Attorney's Office.

Reporter Bailey Myers contributed to this story.